VET TO BUSINESS – An innovative business platform for VET

Zdjęcie użytkownika VET to Business Project.

The project “VET to Business” aims to promote work-based learning in an innovative way by creating a digital platform, on the model of the Business to Business platforms, both for VET providers and for companies. The VET system, through its regular educational and training programmes, daily implement a huge amount of activities (services of catering, web-design, marketing projects, lab tests, 3D printing, etc.) proposed to learners as exercises or as a simulation of real job.


The idea of the project is to turn these activities in real and effective services, good and professional consulting ready on market to be sold to small and medium enterprises, through a digital platform where one business (in this case VET providers) serves the needs and requirements of another business (in this case SMEs).

In detail, the main project goals are:

  • to design, implement, test and promote, within a local and regional economical contest, a methodology to mainstream the work-based learning methodology within the VET educational system by the medium of a digital platform;
  • to increase job opportunities for learners;
  • to tackle the topic by a cross-sectoral approach matching the needs of VET providers, enterprises, VET trainers and learners;
  • to develop a cross-sectoral partnership to look at the topic by a transversal European perspective.


The main target groups are VET providers and SMEs at local and regional level while the project stakeholders are: VET trainers and learners together with local and regional public bodies, other public bodies working for the promotion and management of activities in the field of labor market policies and employment.

Selected teams of people, out of the above mentioned,  in each country, will actively contribute to the platform implementation. These teams will work together and with the partners by the medium of working tables at local level. After its implementation and after a testing and finalizing phase, the platform will be promoted exploiting the partners’ networks, the dissemination tool aimed at the promotion of the project as a whole and by a serie of small events at local and regional level.


All the project activities will be carried out by six partners coming from Latvia, Italy (two partners), Lithuania, Portugal and Poland, belonging to different business and social sectors and dealing with different topics (training, marketing, labour market, economy, social issues): together they will cooperate to provide a range of wide, real job opportunities, both to organizations and individuals.

The project is developed at transnational level, as it will offer to participants opportunities to better understand foreign contexts, take part and be supported by an European stable network: all key assets in the labour market sector and a positive trigger for work quality and employment opportunities.


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