INNEO and UE projects

The Center for Training and Research INNEO is experienced in projects in framework of programs such as Youth in Action, Swiss Program, Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2. We have recently finished four projects, seven projects are in the progress and five will start this year.

Before 2014: (finished)

  • Young Scientist Club (Youth in Action)
  • USEWINE (Erasmus+ Adult Education)
  • SELFY – Sustainable Enterprise and Leadership for Youth (Erasmus+ Youth)
  • Development of Innovative Training Model – Flipping (Swiss Program)


  • COMTRAIN – Computer Service Training for Personal and Professional Development (Erasmus+ Adult Education)
  • SHADOWS – Supporting Graduate Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industry Sector (Erasmus+ VET)
  • EfCI – ECVET for the Creative Industries (Erasmus+ VET)
  • APT – Apprentice Preparation Training (Erasmus+ VET)
  • iGEN – Interwork Between Gen Z and Employers (Erasmus+ VET)
  • Flipping FIRST – Flipping Framework Including VET Resources for Social Training (Erasmus+ VET)
  • NTH – New Technologies for Handicraft (Erasmus+ VET)


  • ME2ME – Micro-Enterprise Learning Partnerships (Erasmus+ VET)
  • RESET – Pedagogy for Workforce Transition (Erasmus+ Adult Education)
  • DIME – Digital Media – A Bridge to Inclusion (Erasmus+ Adult Education)
  • VET to Business – An Innovative Business Platform for VET (Erasmus+ VET)

INNEO is the coordinator of two projects: COMTRAIN and ME2ME. In the rest of the projects we are responsible for management, evaluation and monitoring, dissemination and exploitation of results, development of training courses (including development of training material) and research in the field of social and economic development.

We strongly invite you to read more about all of our initiatives.