The beginnings of INNEO

The Center for Training and Research INNEO is the association acting in Rzeszow (Poland), founded on the initiative of people who decided to work in the field of training and research. Our main motivation were concerns about our region. Subcarpathian voivodeship used to be one of the most disadvantaged regions in Poland – with low income and high unemployment rate. At the same time we were aware of Rzeszów’s capacity to be an innovative living environment with an interesting economic profile and big percentage of young, educated people.

At the beginning INNEO acted on local level, carrying out activities such as lectures, workshops and classes related to entrepreneurship and labour market. Large part of the training has been performed as the subcontractor in the field of the program Human Capital funded by European Social Fund (ESF).  We have developed network of contacts on local level (private training companies, NGOs providing education and training) and after two years of acting locally the association decided to develop EU projects.

What do we do?

The Center for Training and Research INNEO is currently involved in the development of numerous projects on national and international level. The Association is experienced in projects in framework of programs such as Youth in Action, Swiss Program, Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2. The main objective of the association is still providing education, training and research for social and economic development. Thanks to EU projects we have a chance to do it in the broader context and with the international exchange of practices and experiences.

Our team

The staff of INNEO consists of members with knowledge and experience in various fields e.g. labour market and entrepreneurship. We are also experienced in field of project management, evaluation and monitoring, dissemination and exploitation of results, development of training courses (including development of training material) and research in the field of social and economic development.

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